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If you lie to me once, it´s your fault.If you lie to me twice, it´s my fault.

Spanish ex-president Jose María Aznar lied during four days to spanyards trying to blame ETA ( a basque terrorist organisation) ” and avoiding investigating any other line.

It was information from outside Spain the only one, except for a few exceptions, that informed us what spanish goverment tryed to hide, that put some of us on notice, the ones that took care of sharing the information.

German daily “Die Tageszeitungei” 2004, March 15: (…) The government tried and capitalize on the 200 killed in train stations for their electoral interests. Well, when it comes to the fight against ETA, people will see competition in the government, not in opposition . ETA as the perpetrator of the crime could have provided the necessary votes to him missing Aznar’s successor, Mariano Rajoy in the latest polls for achieving most absoluta.History was different if the track led to Al Qaeda. then, the slaughter would have been due to support from the conservatives for the war in Iraq and Aznar would require the wrath of the people, who mostly was always against the involvement of Spain in the war against Iraq …

German daily “Deutsche Welle” 2004, March 18: Aznar’s handling of information following the worst terrorist attacks in recent Spanish history has also attracted criticism from across the Atlantic.
“All, including the members of the UN Security Council, should learn a lesson from it,” UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan said. The UN had condemned ETA shortly after the attacks on the insistence of Madrid.
U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage has also slammed Spain’s information policy and blamed it for the trouncing of the conservatives at the polls. “It wasn’t the terror attacks themselves, but rather the way they (the Spanish government) dealt with it that cost the government the elections,” Armitage said in a radio interview.

We read in a norwegian online newspaper that information about internet messages written in arabic months ago, had been found, and could be related to Al-Qaeda´s attack in Spain.

From the beginning, our intuition told us that 11 March 2004 Madrid attacks had more to do with what occurred in Casablanca months ago. Anyone who had the information that goverment was providing could have been confused.

It was bizarre, goverment obsession with stopping any rumour about the bombing and arabic terrorism, while ETA was linked to the attack through strange and poor traces.

“The Casablanca attack turns Spain into a objective of islamic terrorism”

News of the upper and lower images can be read by clicking on them complete.
Both date from 2003, months prior to the attack. The Spanish government knew that Spain was target of Al-Qaeda before taking part in the invasion of Iraq, which increased the danger of being considered objective.

“Spain becomes aware that after their participation in Irak war has become a terrorist objective”

Spanish ultra-conservative daily “La Razón” in 2003:
Irak threatens to spread islamic terrorism to Spain for supporting Bush

Lying and using terrorism as a political weapon: Conservative People´s Party during its leadership used the idea “you are with us or you support terrorism”

The problem appeared when he began to use citizens rejection fo terrorism to confuse the country, accusing other political parties of not having a clear intention to fight it.
In making this “dirty games” some media got involved in the conspiracy theory. This headline from the ultra-conservative daily “La Razón”, a spanish newspaper, during the election campaign speaks for itself: “Agreement between ETA and PSOE partner ashames Catalonia and upsets the whole country”


The editor of the Catalan-based paper El Periodico, Antonio Franco, said Aznar called twice. He said that Aznar had insisted to him, “It was the ETA. There’s not the slightest doubt about that!”

Aznar “courteously cautioned me not to be mistaken. ETA was responsible,” he wrote in an editorial on Tuesday, March 18: “It was then that I, under the conviction that the prime minister of my country was incapable, in the exercise of his duty, to give me assurances about something he was not completely sure about, decided on the headline: ‘ETA’s M-11.’”

The Washington Post reports: “The government spokesman’s office at Moncloa, the prime minister’s office, also placed calls to at least 10 foreign correspondents during the day, according to Steven Adolf, a Dutch reporter for NRC Handelsblatt and president of the foreign correspondents club here.”

El Pais also received a number of calls from Aznar himself. An editorial published on the day of the election explained: “The prime minister gave his word to the heads of the media so they would present the attacks as the work of the ETA terrorist group.”

The diplomatic strategy:

Spanish diplomats even forced through a United Nations Security Council Resolution blaming ETA for the bombings. (Senior European officials have since complained that they felt misled by Aznar’s government.)

Javier Solana, Spain’s foreign minister under the last Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) government, a former secretary general of NATO and now the European Union’s top foreign policy official, gave a number of television interviews blaming ETA at the request of the PP.

At an afternoon news conference on March 11, Interior Minister Angel Acebes denounced any suggestion of Al Qaeda being responsible as “a miserable attempt to disrupt information and confuse people…. There is no doubt that ETA is responsible.”

Foreign Minister Ana Palacio had telephoned British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to say ETA was responsible. She also sent a FAX instructing Spanish ambassadors and embassy personnel that they “should use any opportunity to confirm ETA’s responsibility for these brutal attacks.”

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“You should use any opportunity to confirm ETA’s responsibility for these brutal attacks, hence helping to dissipate any type of doubt that certain interested parties may want to promote.”

“The Interior Ministry has confirmed that ETA was responsible” she added in the message, which she later said was aimed at “providing guidance” to embassies at their request.

The extent of media manipulation by the government was unprecedented, but so too was the readiness of the media to comply.

The manipulation of state television was particularly sinister for the Spanish people, given their experience with F
rancoism. A report in the
Guardian notes, “Searching in vain for rolling news programmes since the bombings, people had found only Lion King cartoons and alien space invaders broadcast on the television.

“How had the spin doctors been able to hijack a national tragedy, blank out the information services, one woman asked. There was a feeling of panic and desperation.”

By the early hours of the morning, “horrified protesters realised Televisión Española, the state television station, wasn’t showing their swelling crowds at the top of the 6 o’clock news…. ‘Is there something truly horrific being hidden from us which will only emerge on Monday after the vote, when it’s too late?’ asked one woman.”

On Wednesday, March 17, the Association of Foreign Correspondents in Madrid officially accused Aznar’s government of willfully misleading foreign journalists, and said a number of correspondents received calls on the evening of the attacks with explicit requests to mention that ETA had carried out the attacks.

Employees of the state television network TVE, radio broadcaster RNE and news agency EFE have demanded the resignation of their directors for caving in to the PP and presenting a distorted picture of the attacks. The committee of EFE employees has stated in a press release: “EFE knew, from the very morning of Thursday’s attacks in Madrid, about the existence of a cellphone configured in Arabic and about the van found in Alcalá de Henares, and knew that one of the dead was a terrorist”

However, “Reporting or broadcasting information pointing to involvement by extremist Islamic terrorists that was obtained from primary sources by our national news service writers was expressly prohibited.”

The EFE writers accuse the agency’s news director, Miguel Platón, of imposing “a regime of manipulation and censorship in this company over the last few days, to favour the interests of the Popular Party (PP) with a view to the Mar. 14 elections.”

Days later, a report by the secret services in Europe officially denounce the manipulation of the government. It belongs to the Center for European Strategic Intelligence and Security -ESISC in its acronym in English is a non-governmental body based in Brussels responsible for advising governments and corporations on issues related to terrorism and security.

It noted that a number of allies of Spain, believing that it was local basque terrorist [ETA], it got its alert level. And “in the early hours, often decisive, foreign services were unable to investigate possible connections to international terrorists. Anybody can imagine the impact that the lies and manipulations of the government of Madrid may have,” the report concludes. Available at the website of the ESISC here

REACTION OF THE SPANISH: to the lies and dissembling began with spontaneous demonstrations on Saturday, March 13, aimed at the PP and culminating in the record turnout the next day to ensure its defeat in the general election.

Saturday night’s protests were immediately prompted by the announcement of the arrests of the three Moroccans and two Indians, as well as reports of the discovery of a videotape asserting Al Qaeda’s responsibility for the attacks. The simmering mistrust of the government exploded and thousands took to the streets, often as a result of phone calls, e-mails and Internet messages calling for the truth to be told.

To support the version of those who wanted to remain in power many supporters and conservatives defenders filled up internet forums and sent emails with official information that was so far from the truth. Those events occurred spontaneously with no instructions from above, as it occurred next day when the story turned around the other way. Photos of “alleged perpetrators” of 11m (down) that a few hours of the attack had been sent to thousands of e-mail addresses throughout the country. Photos show basque terrorist. Authentic terrorist in the video.
Two days after the general elections, this cartoon was published in French newspaper “Le Monde” that fifteen days before had held 6 pages with a story Aznar at which it presented as the “hope of the conservatives in Europe” and talked about his “brilliant management in Spain.”

The article, titled “LIE” began: “The way in which Aznar has managed the tragedy of March 11 leaves no why to be less unforgivable (…)”

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